Friday, April 20, 2007

New Scottsdale Real Estate Website

I have accepted a paid review offer from, and found this Scottsdale Luxury Home site a pleasure to review. What a beautiful website!

Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tucson, and some other Arizona cities have become playgrounds for the mega rich and quite a few celebrities live there. If I'm not mistaken, I think a friend of mine who lives in Scottsdale told me that Paul McCartney had a beautiful ranch close by there. I have a realtor friend in Tucson that also is in the luxury home market, so this must be where the big boys like to play.

The homepage of is gorgeous. It really sets the mood for someone looking to find a paradise getaway. I like the dark background and more colorful look, instead of the oranges and browns that so many of the Arizona websites tend to incorporate in their look.

About ScottsdaleFineProperties
They have a very detailed page describing their services to sellers and buyers, which is impressive with the marketing services they describe. They will advertise these properties in the Wall Street Journal and some other important publications, as well as spending the dollars necessary to have virtual tours and other media representations for a listing seller.

In these days of so many websites for so many properties, marketing, virtual tours, beautiful large and detailed photos and slideshows are absolutely necessary, and buyers require them.
The little small MLS listings with a couple of photos and nothing much else will not inspire someone to buy a luxury property. It's very important to make a buyer "feel" the ambiance of a property. Also, the various kinds of media work together to market a luxury property in particular. It appears the company knows this and knows how to market their product.

Their MLS Search feature seems to be easy to use and well integrated. This is very important for a real estate website, and many of them are so complicated and full of bugs that it will run a potential "looker" to another site. This one seems to be quick yet powerful.

The Featured Properties page....WOW. Talk about some beautiful homes! They have the properties displayed in very eye-pleasing ways that almost demand the viewer to see these unbelievable houses.

Scottsdale Properties Screen Shot

They also have a "Luxury Showcase" page, which is even more detailed for their most important properties, and it has links to pages that describe each property in detail with beautiful LARGE photos to attract the buyer. I've been in this business a few years now, and one thing I have learned is how important these eye-candy photos are for selling a home or property. Even better, a nice fading slideshow with rooms and views would make those good pages really sing.

Scottsdale Properties Screen Shot

They have some pages for new construction and home developments, which is important, and a special page for Investors to contact certain agents that are specialized in that area.

This leaves a Client Login, their press articles, a special page for a builder that they must have an affiliate relationship with, a SMALL links page (keep it local and small, guys!) and a nice Site Map.

Overall, a very impressive and outstanding website for a very wealthy, high end real estate area such as Scottsdale. Great job!

As a last mention, since I do real estate marketing and SEO, I feel the need to touch on that aspect of the site.

A few tips...on the homepage, I personally would not be repeating "Scottsdale Fine Properties" more than once. I checked, and this is definately not a highly searched term (didn't even show at all). I think it might serve better to target the term "Scottsdale Luxury Homes" and use that term several times on many pages of the site...especially with headers. When bringing incoming links in, I would use that term, as well as Scottsdale Homes, Scottsdale Property, and perhaps Scottsdale Investment Property. Make the inside pages more closely aligned to each of these terms, and put them into some homepage text, linking to that inside page that corresponds to it.

Be careful to ALWAYS have "ALT tags" on all graphics...especially that banner at the top that links to your homepage...and something else very important....

Banish from all links to the homepage that extension of "index.html". You want all links to your homepage and from everywhere to point to your domain name alone. You will confuse the search engines by having an extra version of the homepage linked as "index" and possibly have your page rank steered to IT instead of to the domain name as it should be.

That's about it. A truly beautiful site that is a pleasure to view, and should be a great marketing tool for the company and its clients alike!

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