Saturday, May 26, 2007

Finding the Best Mortgage Solution

A friend of mine from across the pond asked for a bit of room to talk about his mortgage website, so I was happy to let him. For the Brits out there, (which I love...Davy Jones being the number one!) here is where you should go for information about financing your home!

Find the Best Mortgage Solution For You

When buying a home, you probably will need to get a mortgage. This will be the biggest financial decision you may ever make.

It is not easy to pick out the ideal mortgage. The task is further compounded these days by the sheer variety of mortgage options available in the financial markets.

So how should you go about finding that ideal mortgage?

The website, "" provides information and advice on all types of mortgages, such as bad credit mortgage, a fixed-rate mortgage, buy to let mortgages, self-built mortgages, etc. An online enquiry form can give you an access to search from over 500 UK mortgage companies.

There is an online mortgage calculator available on the website. By using that calculator you can get a rough estimation on certain calculations to do with your mortgage.

There is also a section providing you information and an online enquiry form about getting a secured loan. A secured loan is a loan that utilizes the assets of the borrower to ensure repayment of the loan.

The loan market is filled with all kinds of great mortgages. Pick out the loan that suits you best.

At the end with the final conclusion, can provide you the best mortgage advice and a good enquiry to search for a mortgage and loan.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Condo News

This is a new one on me. Never heard of a Condop...have you?
I had to take a real estate course before I even understood what a co-op was...:-)

What Exactly Is a Condop?

Published: May 20, 2007
New York Times

PEOPLE often wonder what exactly a condop is.

A common misconception is that it’s a co-op that operates with condominium rules. But lawyers say that legally a condop has nothing to do with whether a building requires a board interview or allows rentals.

“A co-op with condo rules is not a condop,” said Jeff Reich, a real estate lawyer. A true condop, he said, is a condominium building that has separate commercial and residential units, with the residential units controlled by a co-op corporation. The separate commercial units are typically retained or sold separately by the developer and can include retail space, office space and a parking garage.

Mr. Reich said that condops were first created in the early 1960s, when New Yorkers were still wary of the concept of residential condos, but developers wanted to divest the residential parts of their buildings while retaining or separately divesting the commercial parts. “It happened because traditionally this was a co-op town,” he said.

According to a survey of New York City apartment buildings commissioned by the Council of New York Cooperatives and Condominiums in 2005, the city has roughly 6,700 co-op buildings, 2,300 condos and fewer than 300 condops.

Editor's note: Do you know the difference between a condo and a co-op?
A condo has a deed just like a home. Its treated almost the same way except for some extra
things about commons areas and insurance.

A Co-op is actually a STOCK! The owners buy stock in the building instead of having deeds to the individual units...

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Website Review of My Moving

I've accepted a job, reviewing a website about Moving Companies ,

This is a great clean, easy to use website that should very useful to anyone who wants to find a good moving company when relocating.

The site is packed full of really useful information. I've never used a moving company, so it's all interesting to me. Would you know what to do as a large family, packing up a 5-6 room home full of family articles and memorabilia to move from California to say...New York? I wouldn't have a clue!

They have great information resource pages...General moving tips, how to pack your boxes for minimal breakage...How to keep your kids helping instead of hindering, and my personal favorite, Moving With Pets! This information would be invaluable to me. I've moved a few times by myself, with my cat, and with just my own belongings, it's always been a nightmare.

The website writers explain that the moving company itself has liability insurance, but there are additional insurances that would benefit everyone to purchase. I can sure see that would be something to look into.

Then the meat of the website...finding a company in your state or city to do the job for you. They start out with each state, which then has a good list of the important cities in the state, and that sends you to a page with the moving companies that services that area. There are short descriptions of the companies listed, with their ICC and DOT numbers, and a button to contact the company for a quote. I myself would find this extremely useful...I could get quotes from 4 or 5 different companies and do my part in the wee hours when I have time, instead of taking my busy daytime schedule to use on the phone, trying to locate and call several companies and keep the quotes straight from phone messages. The pages load lightning fast and are easy to read, making an overall quick and easy job finding your location.I did a quick search for Atlanta GA moving companies, and was very impressed.

The site also lists Office movers, Long Distance moving companies, and even those who will help you relocate to another country altogether. What a nightmare that could be. I can't even imagine trying to pack up my belongings to move to England or There were instant results in the Atlanta area for international movers.

They have a form available for movers to add their business to the site, and even information about truck rentals, and self storage companies to add to the alternatives.

This is altogether a useful and even amazing website for anyone searching for moving companies to help make an extremely stressful time just a little bit easier. I would recommend to anyone. Good job, guys!


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Monday, May 14, 2007

Myrtle Beach Condos and Real Estate News

Spring seems to be the prime time for the unveiling of new websites, and realtors are no exception. I've seen several new ones pop up. and my partner and I have also been hard at work.

My two main sites now are linked to Myrtle Beach Condos For Sale. David O'Connell has teamed up with Mike Benton and has a brand new company called The Myrtle Beach Home Store. We're having that website farmed out to include a back-end leads management system and the best MLS Listing on the east coast. Look for that in the near future.
Our major endeavor is a website for all the Myrtle Beach Condos from Little River to Pawley's Island, . This website will be the biggest undertaking that I know of in these parts, and we're about to upload the first 30 some pages. Each of the major condos on the Grand Strand will be listed with photos, amenities, and address, with an option for people looking for rentals as well as an inquiry form for purchasing. We will incorportate the MLS into this site as well, and it should be searchable by the condo project.

Condolux Vacations has a newly renovated site for Myrtle Beach Golf Packages, located at . The new site will have updated golf course information, golf package deals for Spring and Fall, and the best discounts around. They have a new golf expert now, Craig Chinn, who loves his job and is enthusiastic and anxious to service his customers.

I've started a blog on Echo Forum for Real Estate Marketing, . I've wanted to do this for so long, but seldom have time to write in yet ANOTHER blog. But I get so much attention to Echo Forum because it's an SEO tutorial, that I really want to share tips and information on that blog.
Hopefully when it gets some rank I'll be able to get some of the other SEO people to write an article or two as well.

Still working on my Myrtle Beach MySpace page . I truly think MySpace is one of the major marketing tools around right now. I've picked up "friends" made up of celebrities and as many realtors as I can hook up with. I hope when we have something special to sell I'll be able to make an announcement on there and get some business referrals from the many real estate agents that have a page.

Condo-World has purchased a major Myrtle Beach Golf website, This website has been number one for many years, and I think is affiliated with Golf Holiday. At any rate, it should really prove to be a tremendous money maker for them. It's impressively comprehensive and maybe just a little bit confusing...:-) But I'm sure it will do well.