Monday, May 14, 2007

Myrtle Beach Condos and Real Estate News

Spring seems to be the prime time for the unveiling of new websites, and realtors are no exception. I've seen several new ones pop up. and my partner and I have also been hard at work.

My two main sites now are linked to Myrtle Beach Condos For Sale. David O'Connell has teamed up with Mike Benton and has a brand new company called The Myrtle Beach Home Store. We're having that website farmed out to include a back-end leads management system and the best MLS Listing on the east coast. Look for that in the near future.
Our major endeavor is a website for all the Myrtle Beach Condos from Little River to Pawley's Island, . This website will be the biggest undertaking that I know of in these parts, and we're about to upload the first 30 some pages. Each of the major condos on the Grand Strand will be listed with photos, amenities, and address, with an option for people looking for rentals as well as an inquiry form for purchasing. We will incorportate the MLS into this site as well, and it should be searchable by the condo project.

Condolux Vacations has a newly renovated site for Myrtle Beach Golf Packages, located at . The new site will have updated golf course information, golf package deals for Spring and Fall, and the best discounts around. They have a new golf expert now, Craig Chinn, who loves his job and is enthusiastic and anxious to service his customers.

I've started a blog on Echo Forum for Real Estate Marketing, . I've wanted to do this for so long, but seldom have time to write in yet ANOTHER blog. But I get so much attention to Echo Forum because it's an SEO tutorial, that I really want to share tips and information on that blog.
Hopefully when it gets some rank I'll be able to get some of the other SEO people to write an article or two as well.

Still working on my Myrtle Beach MySpace page . I truly think MySpace is one of the major marketing tools around right now. I've picked up "friends" made up of celebrities and as many realtors as I can hook up with. I hope when we have something special to sell I'll be able to make an announcement on there and get some business referrals from the many real estate agents that have a page.

Condo-World has purchased a major Myrtle Beach Golf website, This website has been number one for many years, and I think is affiliated with Golf Holiday. At any rate, it should really prove to be a tremendous money maker for them. It's impressively comprehensive and maybe just a little bit confusing...:-) But I'm sure it will do well.

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