Friday, September 28, 2007

Myrtle Beach Real Estate Auction Tomorrow!!! (9/29)

Again for the real estate agents and investors out there!

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Tomorrow is the big day for our 55 plus parcel real estate auction.

I'm sure most people aren't able to come if you haven't already made plans, but they have also contracted with a website called to run the auction online as well. I see they have 37 of the properties listed on there right now if you want to look them over or participate.

We've got more than 600 buyers signed up and over 55 properties, so it's going to be one HUGE auction. I did also hear that the guys sponsoring it have visited almost all of the properties and would only accept the ones that are being offered at or below appraisal (low ball) price. They got picky towards the end because we had too many sellers wanting to sign up.

We will probably have another one fairly soon because there were so many more that wanted to sell than we had room for, so be sure and keep it in mind.
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