Monday, November 05, 2007

Whistler Accommodations Website Review

Here is another Review-Me Review of a really good website!

Aloha Whistler Accommodations

Having never been to Canada, I am not familiar with British Columbia, or the Whistler Village at Whistler Blackcomb Mountains. I found exploring this website to be quite interesting, and if I were looking for a new place to go for a ski vacation, the site is certainly a great place to go.

The Aloha Whistler describes itself as follows, on the very informative About Us page...
Celebrating 27 years managing signature Whistler homes and providing memorable
vacations, we are a family owned and operated full-service property management
company. At Aloha Whistler, we are happy with nothing less than the best vacation experience for our guests, and worry-free management for our homeowners.
That would inspire me to feel as though they were a very legitimate accommodations provider, and took pride in their services and customer satisfaction. From here, I would further explore the website to see what types of properties they offer and how they look.

Aloha offers luxury homes, condos, and townhouses at the ski resort, and has an excellent search and browse feature that is perfect for scanning to find the type of place you are looking for.

Whistler Accommodations Search

In the top navigation of each page, you can choose by type of accommodation, Condos, Houses, etc, or on this main page above, you can glance over photos and choose by the location and name of the place you'd like to stay. When you follow the link in each thumbnail, you get a detailed page on the resort, with listed amenities, great photos of exterior and interior rooms, a map, and even a virtual tour. Definately all you could ask for can be found in the great descriptions this website offers of its luxury properties.

There are actual HOMES that are as splendid as any chateau found in the best ski resorts anywhere. They include fireplaces, jacuzzi tubs, fabulous scenic vistas to enjoy with huge windows, and bedrooms from 3 to 7 or 8.

Whistler Resort Homes

Is this impressive, or what?

Equally so, are the luxury condos and townhouses with the same excellent amenities, but providing more of a vacation or hotel ambiance.

Whistler Resort Condos

Area Information
Aside from the detailed accommodations listings, the Aloha website offers a great informational page on the Whistler area, listing news and events, travel information such as directions and maps, conference facility information, recreational activities, and services such as catering, child care, and the like. In short, the website will teach you just about all you need to know about planning a vacation in the Whisler Village.

The website itself is easy on the eyes, easy to navigate, and very pleasing to travel on from page to page. Fabulous photos and videos await the potential vacationer, and it's just plain FUN to visit and learn all about the location and the accommodations! As much as I prefer the warm beaches and have never been snow ski-ing, it actually makes me consider taking a winter vacation trip!

In summary, this is a great website to use in planning a ski trip, and I consider it a valuable tool for anyone who might like to visit this beautiful part of Canada. As hotels become less and less popular, and vacationers choose to stay in a beautiful home or condo instead, these types of accommodations are the preferred choice. It is VERY necessary to choose your location carefully, and websites such as this are the best way to research.

Again, the site is located at
A great vacation site to visit!

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