Thursday, January 17, 2008

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Paul’s grassroots support drives campaign
By John TompkinsThe Facts

Published January 17, 2008
MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — Wobbling 800 feet over the beaches, hotels and homes of Myrtle Beach is the Ron Paul blimp.
Myrtle Beach gets the Ron Paul Blimp

Carried by 235,000 cubic feet of helium and operated by a 21-member crew, the blimp arrives to advertise the presidential hopes of the Lake Jackson congressman.

The blimp was the brainchild of Elijah Lynn, who until a couple of months ago owned an online locksmith business in Littleton, Colo. Lynn found out about Paul’s presidential campaign, left his business to a partner and joined what supporters are calling the Ron Paul Revolution.

Paul is seeking the Republican nomination for president, and his strict constitutionalist positions, including limiting governmental spending as well as eliminating federal agencies such as the IRS and the CIA, resonate with supporters.

He is the only Republican candidate who wants to pull American troops from Iraq.

Paul’s supporters run the gamut of the political and social spectrums, including military veterans, young couples, college students and retirees. Though Paul has a conservative base of support, he also has support from more liberal-minded voters because of his views on the Iraq war. Much more on this article HERE...

I am a staunch Hillary supporter. But sadly, if she loses, and Edwards doesn't get the nomination, I'll be forced to pick a Republican. With my liberal views, it will be tough. But I do want to see the war end, and maybe this guy is the lesser of the evils.
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