Monday, March 24, 2008

So What's the Latest Atlantic Beach Scourge?

Atlantic Beach's excuse for a mayorWell, the dirty soap opera that is Atlantic Beach and its mayor continues. Here's the latest on her recent arrest. It appears she stirred up alot more than her penchant for thinking she can tell the police what to do.

I would be happier if the Sun News would be very explicit to let people know that Atlantic Beach is NOT A PART OF NORTH MYRTLE BEACH!!

NMB has an outstanding government and its officials and police department are the best in the state as far as I'm concerned. It sickens me to think this can taint the reputation of such a beautiful beach town. We have NOTHING to do with what goes on in this town.

Please see the Atlantic Beach Website so you can better understand the dynamics here!
See the Original Posting of the Mayor being arrested.

Governor suspends indicted Atlantic Beach mayorThursday, Mar 20, 2008 - 08:11 PM Updated: 04:14 PM

Thursday afternoon, the 15th Circuit solicitor's office released an Horry County Grand Jury's verdict charging the Atlantic Beach mayor, Irene Armstrong, and town manager, Marcia Conner, with a list of crimes.

Friday morning, Governor Mark Sanford signed an executive order suspending the three-term mayor from office, according to the governor's press secretary, Joel Sawyer.

The indictments are a result of an investigation into the town's finances, according to the solicitor's office release.

Armstrong faces three counts of bribery of elections and two counts of misconduct in office.
Town manager Conner faces two counts of misconduct in office and one count of violation of Employer's Obligation to the Police Retirement Fund.

The indictment claims Armstrong bribed three voters in the town's November elections by paying the three for votes.

Agents charge that on election day, Armstrong paid Monique E. Pointer of Atlantic Beach $20 for her vote in the mayoral election, and another $20 for Pointer's vote for councilman, Jake Evans, Armstrong's brother.

The indictment also claims Armstrong bought another vote for herself from Rose Marie Lambert for $10 in the mayoral election.

Armstrong lost the November mayoral election by one vote to councilwoman Retha Pierce, but appealed for a new election.

A circuit court judge heard arguments Monday from Pierce and Armstrong, but did not make a decision in the case as to whether or not to uphold the town's election commission's decision to hold a new election.

Armstrong faces two counts of misconduct in office stemming from illegally transferring town money from the town's pending drug seizure account into the town's general fund account, which the indictment states is a violation of state law.

The second count against Armstrong deals with the illegal transfer of the town's municipal court account into the town's general fund.

Two of the three charges against town manager Conner include illegal transfer of money between the same accounts charged against Armstrong; the third charge agents claim Conner collected retirement fund money from the town's police officers, transferred that money into the town's general fund, then used that money to pay for other services.

The indictment alleges the crimes of misconduct happened between April 9, 2006 and May 2, 2007.

State Law Enforcement Division agents took several financial documents from Atlantic Beach town hall back in July of 2007, but SLED would not release any details about what agents took, or why agents are investigating.

News13 checked with SLED Thursday and agents said the July 2007 investigation remained open and active.

If convicted, mayor Armstrong faces up to 35 years in prison, and Conner faces up to 30 years behind bars if a jury finds her guilty.

Town council members Retha Pierce and Donnell Thompson changed the locks on town hall this afternoon to keep Armstrong and Conner from entering the building.

Governor Mark Sanford issued a statement Thursday evening through his press office,

"We have not reviewed the indictment in detail, but based upon what we understand about the charges, we have every reason to believe we would suspend the mayor once our office reviews the indictment."

SLED agents allowed the pair to surrender themselves to authorities sometime early next week.

***This story is so dirty that I won't even put links in it to our websites.

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