Sunday, May 11, 2008

Condo Living-Pets or Problems

I ran across a blog posting in a Chicago Metro Area real estate blog today about some condos that had rules about having a dog (or more than one) and it brought to mind an issue that I recently brought up with my own condo HOA.

We have a girl living here in what I understand is a one bedroom condo, which is what I have as well. She has 3 pekinese type dogs and a cat which terrorizes the neighborhood everytime it gets out to wander. There had been complaints about her dogs barking and that prompted the board to make a new rule limiting the number of pets to 2 per condo.

Then it went a step further and they made a rule that the only pets allowed were dogs, cats, and fish, I think. One of my neighbors had mentioned that one, and was concerned because she used to raise parrots. She found it objectionable, and I sort of do myself. I used to love having pet mice, and have even had an iguana. I would hate to think someone on the board would try and prevent me from having a cage with a gerbil or mouse running around endlessly in one of those little wheels.

Then again, would I be comfortable with a neighbor who had a pet tarantula or maybe a snake that could possibly get loose? No, I wouldn't. So I can see the point in some of the rules that might sound ridiculous at first.

Condo living can present some obstacle sometimes, and it's a good idea to investigate the rules before you go look at a condo for sale and get your heart set on it.

I know many of the resort oceanfront condos in Myrtle Beach don't allow pets at all. It could really present a problem if you buy something without checking the by-laws and find you've moved into a pet free complex when you have a couple of cats or dogs that are family members and could end up at the local animal shelter because of it.

I myself would go to jail before I'd abandon a pet...but the shelters are full of unfortunate bodies whose owners don't care enough to fight and keep them.

I think pet ownership is a private thing, yet when you live on top and right beside of other people, there are issues with everything. I love condo living, but it sure pays to dig deeply into the way things are managed before you buy a condominium or townhouse.

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