Sunday, December 21, 2008

Myrtle Beach Real Estate Market Update

As the entire country tries to deal with our flattened economy, resorts everywhere are doing what they can to keep the vacationers coming and the buyers buying. The Grand Strand is no exception, and the state of South Carolina is reported to have the highest unemployment rates since 1983. Out of all the cities in the state, however...and probably North Carolina as well, Myrtle Beach is managing to hold its own the best. We haven't seen a lack of vacation rentals, and during this season, winter rentals and Myrtle Beach golf packages have always kept the bills paid.

For many reasons, our strongest property management companies such as CondoLux fare better when it comes to Myrtle Beach real estate, and that extends to golf course condos, homes and property close to the beach. More recently, the Waterway condominium resorts such as Barefoot Resort and Grande Dunes have gotten popular. With only a couple of strong condo rental companies in the area that have proven track records and longtime customer loyalty, CondoLux in particular is better able to market the properties to a built-in customer base and have access to the best condos to sell. Because of this, many of the stand-alone real estate agencies are in trouble, while Myrtle Beach condo rentals keep the beach's economy going.

The owners of Condolux are now expanding to Myrtle Beach, opening a new sales and rental office, and putting a lot of money into websites and marketing. By doing so even when the other agencies can't, it will actually increase even its own productivity and income.

The internet has become the most important of all marketing methods in real estate and vacation rentals. The ones that invested in an excellent website and search engine marketing early on have the advantage now. Again, Condolux has exceeded them all in the number of powerful websites promoting real estate sales, vacation rentals, luxury condo specialties, golf packages, beach houses, and even restaurants and attractions. They are joining forces with some of Myrtle Beach's other website empires as they go, and becoming giants in the field. This will benefit their property management customers and real estate sales more than anyone can imagine.

Look for more expansion and greater things to come from Condolux. There are no question that they have become the Grand Strand's leading real estate experts.

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