Sunday, January 25, 2009

Real Estate Market Improving From Coast to Coast

Several of my Realtor friends across the country wanted to get together and do a press release about how everyone's real estate market was gaining ground this year, and we came up with a coast to coast review of real estate in 2009.

Annette Smith in Sarasota says her home prices have come down enough to bring in buyers from Europe and Canada as well as the usual areas this year. She reports that Sarasota was number 11 on RealtyTrac's list of the top 100 cities with foreclosures. I have also seen an increase in leads from those interested in Florida oceanfront property.

Lee Cunningham in Greenville, SC reports an increase in sales in January, and is proud to say that home prices there have not taken the tumble they have in other areas of the nation. Their unemployment rates are lower than most, and had over 1300 new jobs created in 2008.

Fran Vernon, one half of the Los Angeles Realtor team of Fran and Rowena, says buyer interest in her area has returned, and is proud to say that the "California lifestyle" continues to be an American dream.

Myrtle Beach SC real estate has definately taken off since the beginning of 2009. We've seen the internet interest nearly double, and one of my friends, Richard Brooks, says he's getting leads and buyer inquiries enough to have high hopes for this year.

Martin Brown, who owns the condo rental company CondoLux, has gotten so many rental reservations that he's positively bragging about the vacation market being good this year.

We probably can't hope for instant recovery, but all the signs are pointing to 2009 as the beginning of the end of this real estate crisis!

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