Monday, February 23, 2009

Calling Myrtle Beach Home

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in Myrtle Beach? According to the Chamber of Commerce figures in Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach, there are 25,000 permanent residents in the former, and 12,000 in the latter. Most of us came from somewhere else. Many are retirees. What is life like for those of us who have made our home in Myrtle Beach? I think most of us stay...I know I did, and couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Here is what some of my friends and acquaintences have to say about life in the Grand Strand...
Richard Brooks - Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agent with Condolux
I have lived in the North Myrtle Beach area off and on for over thirty years. Each time I have moved away, it hasn’t taken long to realize that North Myrtle Beach is my home and I come running back. I love the weather here! It never gets too cold for too long and the Spring/Summer/Fall season brings us warm days, cool nights and tons of activity.

From golfing, swimming, boating, to beaching, there is something for every taste! The choices here are limitless. You can have a great meal at Joe’s Bar & Grill dining on the freshest seafood while you watch the raccoon walk overlooking the majestic White Swash. Or you can watch the gentle surf with a cold beer at Molly Darcy’s on their oceanfront deck. Living here is “being Southern at its best”…so come on down, run barefoot on the sand, and fix yourself a glass of sweet iced tea. It’s time to relax…
Mit Tressler - Works at Home for a Travel Agency
I love the winters in Myrtle Beach. One of my favorite things to do is take my dog for a walk on the beach and have a cup of coffee. It gets cold here, but if you layer a bit, it's just perfect. The beach is almost deserted and I like listening to ocean. When I get home, I always feel relaxed and like I had a good workout from walking in the sand.
Right now, I would love to have a 2nd floor condo in Market Common. Having everything within walking distance would suit me to a T, and the park across the street is amazing. I love the boardwalk in Virginia Beach. Myrtle Beach is planning
one, but it doesn't look like it will cater to people on bikes and inline skates. A boardwalk should promote all types of healthy lifestyles. I recommend Myrtle Beach to people all the time. I wish my entire family would move here.
Scott Todd - Todd Insurance Agency (Allstate) 
Except for college, I have lived in the Myrtle Beach area my entire life. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to travel to almost every state and several foreign countries. I've been able to enjoy many beaches from the west coast of California and white sands of Maui to the rocky shores of Ireland and beautiful coast of Portugal.
Honestly, I have yet to find a more beautiful stretch of beach than right here in Myrtle Beach, SC. When you think of it, Myrtle Beach has a lot to
offer. It is big enough to have many of the conveniences of a much larger city but small enough to have a "hometown feel". I also find it really nice to live in an area that is still actually growing and moving forward. I wouldn't live anywhere else.

Jeremy Lenkowski -
Myrtle Beach Web Designer 
Myrtle Beach is a beautiful place. Millions of people visit here yearly. Thousands decide to stay. I am a transplant from New Jersey, right across the river from Philadelphia. I am in the IT field, and never had any issues landing a high paying position. I figured, like so many others, that I could move here, land a decent paying position, and enjoy the beach and temperate climate. It was in 2001 I decided to finally move here. I was fortunate; my sister had transplanted here with a local 3 years before, and allowed me to stay with them until I found a job.

Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas are vacation destinations. As a result, most of the businesses operating in this area are geared toward the tourism / service industry. Much to my dismay, there is winter here. When I moved here in January, it wasn't what I expected. Myrtle Beach shut down! Anyone who has lived in a resort town can tell you, the winters are long. After the vacationers leave, and before the snowbirds arrive, there is a three to four month period where time slows down, and a transformation takes place. Myrtle Beach belongs to the locals again.

The number of people who actually reside here year round is relatively small. Some grew up here, and some like me are transplants. Like any small town, most of us know each other, or at least know of one another. If we don't directly, a call to a friend can fill in any information you need. After living here for two years, performing odd jobs, etc, in 2003 I received a call from a large local company offering me a position. A position I never applied for, and not listed in any paper. They had heard of me, and based on a recommendation offered me the position on my reputation alone. Finally, this was my breakthrough.

Five years later and I am still here. I decided to start providing small business websites in Myrtle Beach, and hosting for them at a great rate. I have many clients whom have been with me for years and others who hear about me by word of mouth. I don't advertise here; treating people right and providing an honest service is advertising enough.

In short, Myrtle Beach is a beautiful place. The people are great. There are lots of opportunities here, even now. My advice to anyone looking to move here: Treat people right, it will come back to you!
For myself, I love being able to go to the grocery store or a restauarant at midnight. I love having live theatre, gambling boats, cruises, the beach, and other entertainment you could only find in a big city, WITHOUT that big city. I could never be happy living in Atlanta or even Charlotte. I hate snow and ice, so further north is not an option. You can live well in Myrtle Beach on an average salary, too, unlike Florida and other areas. I found my niche with the web industry in Myrtle Beach real estate. I moved here nearly 20 years ago, and have loved every minute of it. I often stop and reflect on just how lucky I really am to live in paradise!
I don't see many people leave once they've come here. One of my friends is a 60-something year old lady from New Jersey whose husband died several years ago. She left her kids and grandkids up there and moved down here all by herself. Her family didn't want her to do it, but she wanted to spend her remaining years in the place she loved best. And so she bought a condo, which she couldn't have done in New Jersey on her modest income. She lives where I do in Little River, for the most part safely and in a crime-free neighborhood... close to the beach and in the middle of everything. You couldn't pay her to move back. Myrtle Beach may not be for everyone, but there aren't many who would not be happy in our beautiful town!

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