Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Tips From an Allstate Insurance Agent

Myrtle Beach Homeowners Insurance

Keep your South Carolina Car Insurance premiums low this winter by preventing problems and claims.  Below are some tips from Scott Todd at Todd Insurance Agency and Allstate Myrtle Beach.

1. Check antifreeze every year and be sure it will protect to extreme coldness.

2. Check the air pressure on your tires and maintain the manufacturer's suggested pressure.

3. If your location will have snow, be sure you have snow tires or at least chains available and ready.

4. To prevent your locks from freezing, buy inexpensive magnet strips and place them over the locks when you leave the car.

5. Wash your car frequently to prevent any salt buildup.

6. Carry a couple of roof shingles in the trunk to help with traction if your car gets stuck.

7. Replace an old battery BEFORE the coldest weather strikes. If you can't afford it, keep your vehicle covered or remove the battery and keep it in a protected place.

8. Carry a long piece of cardboard in the trunk and place it over the windshield when snow or ice is in the forecast.
Keep Your SC Insurance Premiums Low in Winter Cold

Help keep your SC Homeowners Insurance premiums low with these easy steps:

1. Turn off outdoor water sources from inside. Some people wrap the spigot in cloth to help retain some warmth.

2. Remove any window air conditioning units.

3. Apply insulation tape to windows and around doors if needed.

4. Drain and store any outdoor hoses or fluid containers.

5. Keep your heat turned to 55-60 degrees even in vacant apartments.

6. Keep your home heating filters changed frequently

7. Keep lawnmowers, blowers, tools, etc. protected and enclosed.

8. Be prepared with salt or snow tools ready and available.

9. Seal all cracks or crevices in the home to prevent mice or other animals from nesting in your home.

10. Check and maintain smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Thanks to Scott for the article and the tips!  Photos of Minneapolis in the snow by Renee Dahring, Nurse Practitioner Job Search Coach.