Friday, February 26, 2010

North Carolina Barbeque in North Myrtle Beach!

Finally!  After 20 years since leaving High Point, NC, I just had my first meal of barbeque that is what I grew up with - red slaw and all.

The Piedmont area of North Carolina, and its close neighbor, Lexington, NC has been famous for barbeque for a hundred years or more, I think.  For sure it isn't the same thing you get in South Carolina.  We don't use sauce made from ketchup.  The meat is moist, but served plain. You put what you want on it, or nothing at all.  The slaw doesn't contain mayonaise.  The hushpuppies aren't sweet.  If you're lucky, you finish it up with a serving of somebody's homemade banana pudding.  When I go back home, I have two required meals - Henry James BBQ and Sir Pizza.  The latter being the best pizza in the world, and nothing like any other pizza anywhere.

In the past month or so, we've had two new barbeque places to open in North Myrtle.  I haven't been to the other one, but when I go, I'll review it as well.  Today I enjoyed the closest thing to my favorite Henry James BBQ at our new "Bar-B-Que House",  which moved into the old Fazoli's restaurant close to the Cherry Grove exit on 17.

Most people in North Carolina brag about Lexington BBQ.  I've never been able to see that subtle difference between our little places in High Point and the "famous" Lexington barbeque, but many people swear they can.  I think some of the Lexington stuff has more fat cut up in it.  We had one place in High Point called Kepley's BBQ that was equally as "fatty".  It has a better flavor with a little fat in it, I think...but nowadays everybody wants the lean stuff.  So if you go to North Carolina, look up a Henry James.  And the new Bar-B-Que House here is about as fat-free as any barbeque I've ever seen.  Literally, I couldn't find even a scrap.  It made the meat a bit dry, but when you add your favorite sauce to it, that's not a bad thing.  And it's definitely better for your cholesterol!

They have a nice little website at and a good copy of their menu can be found HERE.  The prices are very reasonable (even cheap!) and the portions are nice sized.  You can get a barbeque plate with hushpuppies and 2 sides for $6.99 or $7.99 for a larger plate.  I didn't eat all of the regular plate, but I only got 4 hushpuppies and ended up ordering a side of them to finish up.  The trick to eating NC BBQ is a bite of meat, a bite of red slaw, and a bite of hushpuppy all at the same time.  The flavors blended together are what makes it!

They offer some extra good side items - sweet potato fries, which I love, collard greens, green beans, red or mayonaise slaw, baked beans, corn on the cob, potato salad, fried okra, onion rings, and regular fries.  Quite a selection!

Aside from chopped barbeque, they also have slabs of ribs, barbeque chicken, fried chicken, wings, chicken strips, Brunswick stew, veggie plate with side items, and several combos.

Ala Carte, you can get a bbq sandwich, burger, corn dog, hot dog, chicken, or even grilled balogna.  The most expensive is a double burger for $4.99, and the others vary from $1.79 to $3.69.  Very good prices.  The side items alone are from $1.59 to $2.29.  They also have seniors and kid's special prices.  AND they serve breakfast.  If you need more info, visit their website and menu.  

Good stuff!  I was very pleased.  I got out for under $12, and even had some banana pudding for dessert!
I'll rate the Bar-B-Que House 4 Stars!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Foreclosure Help - The Chase is On

Consumer Affairs reported this week that Chase Home Finance has seemingly been making its own rules for utilizing the federal incentives meant to prevent foreclosures.

The $75 billion dollar federal program made strong guidelines for the participating mortgage companies. In return for agreeing to follow the guidelines, the mortgage companies are paid to modify loans, lowering payments to no more than 31% of income, lowering interest rates, and hopefully helping consumers to keep their homes.

It seems as though Chase turned down a large percentage of potential modifications for a trumped up reason it invented, citing, "Your hardship is not of a permanent nature."

So many homeowners were turned down that the Treasury Department explicitly barred the banks from using that as a legitimate reason for denial. They are telling homeowners that were denied to reapply, although Chase has not officially agreed to reassess their decisions. Chase in particular has been "outed" as being the worst offender.

Anyone who is struggling to meet mortgage payments or facing foreclosure should read this article, and approach their mortgage company with the knowledge that there are programs available to help.