Saturday, June 05, 2010

These Myrtle Beach Businesses Support Cat Month and the NMB Humane Society!

As we mentioned earlier, June is officially National Cat Month. I extended an offer to many of the local businesses to donate $100 to the Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach, and I would honor them on the blog and add their banner link to one of my websites.

So far two of my favorite businesses in NMB have stepped up to the bat, and here are their accolades!

CondoLux of North Myrtle Beach - one of the best and oldest Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals companies around.  I asked for a few words from them and here's what they said!
CondoLux Vacation Rentals in North Myrtle Beach has again proven to be a leader in the Myrtle Beach condo rentals industry. With an exponential increase in web traffic, discounted rental rates, the most competitive golf package pricing, and millions of dollars in real estate sales, CondoLux knows the vacation rental game. They offer over 300 condos, villas and beach homes for rent year-round, most oceanfront so you are overlooking the beautiful Atlantic.
The cats in North Myrtle Beach thank you, Condolux, and so do we!

My friend and my Allstate insurance agent, Scott Todd, is one of the nicest guys any cat could ever ask to meet. He graciously sent our cats $100 and saved a few lives that might have been lost!

Our specialty is customer service and to protect your home and family to the best of our ability! We also have the best prices on SC car insurance and offer THE best deals when you combine your SC Homeowners insurance, boat insurance, motorcycle insurance, and more!
Thank you to both of these great local businesses, and I hope to see some more companies donate to help the local homeless animals!  We've featured Condolux on our website and page for Kid Friendly Hotels in Myrtle Beach, and Scott is on our Myrtle Beach Businesses page!

There's still a month left to help our cats!  If you are a local business, please donate and get some free advertising for your trouble!

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