Sunday, June 10, 2012

North Texas and Charlotte Real Estate Websites

The last few weeks have been productive, and I've had two new customers and moved an old one to a better IDX website that should make a huge difference in his leads and sales.

Jack Ragsdale has been a customer of mine for around 6 years since way before the time that there were affordable and user friendly IDX websites. Jack lives in a part of Texas that is made up of many small towns instead of one big one, and we've struggled to find a way for him to have a well ranked website that covered his entire area of Denton, Keller, Flower Mound, and several other towns in Texas.  After some research, we decided to make the new website aim at North Texas Real Estate instead of having several small sites for each town. After I finished, he's hired someone to help him with blogs and such, and they've changed a lot of stuff around.  So whatever happens, it's no longer on me!

My next site is for a lady Realtor selling South Charlotte homes, by the name of Nana Tennhardt. Her husband Olaf is very much helping with her online presence and they are really working hard to show off her expertise in the Charlotte, Waxhaw, and Weddington areas.

As it seems like most all of my customers are the best at their profession, I'm sure these new IDX websites are going to bring them so many sales they will wonder how they ever did without it. And the key is CONTENT. Writing about your city, going out and taking great photos, creating YouTube videos to showcase your neighborhoods - all of this works with the new social media to make the search engines love what you do. The harder you work on your site, the better the reward, and I'm proud of all my clients that "get it" and create such exceptional resources for their customers.  Congrats to Jack and to Nana on their new sites!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Woodlands, Texas – There's a Place Here For You

Here's another article from our friend Jarrod Frenzel in the Woodlands, Texas. We're always happy to hear from him and learn about his neck of the woods!

The Woodlands, TX - There's a Place Here for You!

Market Street - The Woodlands Texas
Dubbed as the bestselling and most popular master-planned community in all of Texas for over 15 years, The Woodlands offers a truly optimized life experience for all residents. It's also one of the few areas in the country that is NOT purely a buyer's market, and we're going to talk about that in a second. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's talk about why you'd want to live in The Woodlands...

First, it's a stunning community. Just flat-out, no two ways about it, a drop dead beautiful area. The goal of any master-planned community is to give each resident exactly what they need to live their perfect lifestyle. This means that the development was planned to accommodate couples, families with children of all ages, retirees, single adults and seasonal vacationers.

Price-wise, there is housing available for any budget and any lifestyle; seek and ye shall find...The Woodlands' slogan is “Come Home”, and that pretty well expresses their overall attitude and atmosphere. Of course, being built into a 28,000 acre natural forest, to say it's an outdoors-oriented community would be an understatement. This not-so-little slice of nature is about 30 minutes outside of Downtown Houston and was built to be YOUR dream home, no matter what that may be. The Woodlands offers a unique choice to the Houston real estate market.

There are apartments, single story houses, villas, and more available throughout the 11 different villages inside The Woodlands...You just have to find out where you'll fit best and go there. Prices range from $100K all the way up to $5M, although the average is probably something around $300K. Of course, that's not taking apartments into consideration, which are available for those not inclined to property ownership. The Woodlands has something in every price range.

Now, one of the unique aspects of this real estate market that you have to take into account when browsing listings in The Woodlands is that you're looking at a relatively balanced economy compared to the rest of the United States. Unlike most areas right now, it is NOT necessarily a buyer's market, although it's certainly not a strong seller's market either. Remember that this is the bestselling masterplanned community in Texas since 1992; this little corner of the real estate market has remained active and coordinated throughout the recession that so desolated the rest of the country. Of course, as a buyer this doesn't have to be a bad thing...For anyone seeking low risk property investment, The Woodlands, Texas is a dream come true!

I hope you'll take the time to visit The Woodlands' website and see what the community has to offer. I'm sure you'll find it appealing, and then you can start browsing listings to find a home you can fall in love with.

Thanks, Jarrod! 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

How to Sell Myrtle Beach Real Estate

Greg Harrelson with C21 The Harrelson Group is my most frequent client and friend.  I've met an awful lot of real estate agents here in Myrtle Beach.  A few I really admire, some for their work ethic, some for their sales talent, some for their knowledge and experience, and one or two for all of these qualities.  (The other 95% of them don't impress me at all...some are awful.)

But Greg is a step above agents just about anywhere in the country.  He's spent most of his career being coached and coaching. His sales ability is phenomenal.  There's no hype - no car salesman feel when you are talking to him. If anything, you picture him either on Wall Street or teaching in a classroom. He knows everything there is to know about selling real estate, and knows Myrtle Beach in particular.  He didn't jump into the beachfront property  frenzy and lose his shirt like almost every agent here., nor was he the first to embrace the internet and its miraculous ability to sell homes, especially when search engines are involved. But he gets it now...and like everything else, he's putting his "all" into it, slow and steady, and building another successful empire.  My point to all of this is to say that if someone needs to SELL real estate in Myrtle Beach, the Harrelson Group is where they need to go.   He has buyers' agents as well...but he also has inventory (about 700 listings) - and the ability to market them.

Every few weeks he puts out a newsletter to his buyers and sellers, sometimes geared to good deals to purchase, and sometimes explaining how he "markets" in a less than perfect "market". The last newsletter was just this, and it was rather fascinating to see and understand how things work in selling property at the beach. We added it to his "Monthly Notes from Greg" on the C21 Website, and he also created a video to make it even more interesting. I liked it so much that I felt personally it deserved some attention.  So here we are.  If you have some time, and you want to see how a real estate marketing guru goes about his job, check this out and watch the short video on the page. - Marketing Myrtle Beach Real Estate

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Myrtle Beach Real Estate on the Rise?

Is the real estate market in Myrtle Beach on the road to recovery?

This seems to be the question of the week for those who own a condo or  home in Myrtle Beach. I suppose it is a normal question for any real estate property owner to ask.

Here are a few real estate trends that we see in Myrtle Beach right now.

1. The number of homes for sale in Myrtle Beach is declining.

2. The number of Myrtle Beach condos for sale on the market has decreased.

3. Buyers are writing more contracts...this is normal during this time of year in Myrtle Beach.

4. Buyers are making higher offers and some real estate in Myrtle Beach has sold for more than full price.

5. The average days on market for new listings in the MLS are showing signs of improvement.

It's up to you to interpret what the market is doing in Myrtle Beach. We can all agree that the above trends are much different then they were in the past when the Myrtle Beach market was doing the exact opposite. Most people would conclude that the market may be returning to a normal market. Not much decline, not much incline...likely stable at this level for awhile.

One thing we know for sure is that many owners have an opportunity to get their property sold right now. If I were selling a piece of real estate in Myrtle Beach, I would feel more confident today than any other point of time over the last 6 years.

If you are interested in learning more about how these changes may effect you and your investments, please contact any one of our Myrtle Beach real estate agents.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Luxury Real Estate in Houston

We're happy to have another guest blog from our friend in Woodlands, Texas, Jarrod Frenzel.

Luxury Home in Woodlands, TX

When people think of luxury real estate around the country, Houston is not usually the first thing that comes to mind. The fact is, the Houston area has one of the largest inventory of luxury homes in the country and is steadily growing. With the Texas economy flourishing, the Houston luxury real estate market is alive and well.

Forbes recently determined that Houston is the fastest growing millionaire city in the country, as the number of millionaires grew to almost 97,000 by the end of 2010. The oil and gas industry has helped keep the local economy strong through the national recession and the Houston real estate market has out-performed most others around the United States. The market was very strong in 2011 with a healthy number of sales over the $1 million mark. Builders have even started building multi-million dollar spec homes again in certain submarkets around the Houston area.

Located on the north side of Houston, the master planned community of The Woodlands has seen a lot of growth in luxury home market. People from all over the world are starting to take notice of this affluent area, with many purchasing second homes here. The mild winters, world class amenities, shopping, golf courses, and easy access to the intercontinental airport has made this an ideal place for wealthy individuals from abroad.

The Woodlands has seen steady appreciation over the recent years and poised for some really great years ahead. With Exxon Mobil relocating all of their Houston employees to the area in 2013, residents are very optimistic about the future of their home values.

If you haven’t been to Houston before, now would be a good time to visit. The Woodlands is a great place to take a vacation with plenty of world class shopping and restaurants, golf courses, 4 star hotels and resorts, and much more. For more information about luxury homes in Houston or The Woodlands, you can contact Jarrod Frenzel @ 281-658-7389 or visit his web site at