Saturday, April 14, 2012

How to Sell Myrtle Beach Real Estate

Greg Harrelson with C21 The Harrelson Group is my most frequent client and friend.  I've met an awful lot of real estate agents here in Myrtle Beach.  A few I really admire, some for their work ethic, some for their sales talent, some for their knowledge and experience, and one or two for all of these qualities.  (The other 95% of them don't impress me at all...some are awful.)

But Greg is a step above agents just about anywhere in the country.  He's spent most of his career being coached and coaching. His sales ability is phenomenal.  There's no hype - no car salesman feel when you are talking to him. If anything, you picture him either on Wall Street or teaching in a classroom. He knows everything there is to know about selling real estate, and knows Myrtle Beach in particular.  He didn't jump into the beachfront property  frenzy and lose his shirt like almost every agent here., nor was he the first to embrace the internet and its miraculous ability to sell homes, especially when search engines are involved. But he gets it now...and like everything else, he's putting his "all" into it, slow and steady, and building another successful empire.  My point to all of this is to say that if someone needs to SELL real estate in Myrtle Beach, the Harrelson Group is where they need to go.   He has buyers' agents as well...but he also has inventory (about 700 listings) - and the ability to market them.

Every few weeks he puts out a newsletter to his buyers and sellers, sometimes geared to good deals to purchase, and sometimes explaining how he "markets" in a less than perfect "market". The last newsletter was just this, and it was rather fascinating to see and understand how things work in selling property at the beach. We added it to his "Monthly Notes from Greg" on the C21 Website, and he also created a video to make it even more interesting. I liked it so much that I felt personally it deserved some attention.  So here we are.  If you have some time, and you want to see how a real estate marketing guru goes about his job, check this out and watch the short video on the page. - Marketing Myrtle Beach Real Estate

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