Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Top Real Estate Markets in Coastal South Carolina

From Greg Harrelson...

People come to Myrtle Beach from all over the country. We often talk to prospective buyers who tell us they are thinking of buying a second home for family vacations. What is most interesting is that they often have three or four different areas that they are considering.

Here are the most common beach towns in South Carolina that people choose:
1) North Myrtle Beach
2) Myrtle Beach
3) Charleston, SC
4) Hilton Head Island

North Myrtle Beach real estate consists of oceanfront condos, channel homes and beach villas. By far, the most popular resort in North Myrtle Beach is Barefoot Resort. Condos like The Havens, Ironwood and the Barefoot Yacht Club Villas are just a few that attract attention from visitors every day.

The Myrtle Beach real estate market is full of condos and has some fantastic golf villas and oceanfront homes. Grande Dunes is the all-time favorite for luxury homes, but the south end has many fine communities like Prestwick and Prince Creek. A little west of the beach is Carolina Forest, which may be the most popular family community in the Grand Strand.

Charleston real estate has a little of everything. You can find beach houses, condos, historical homes and golf resorts. North Charleston has the industry, Summerville is perfect for families and businesses, and the many nearby islands are...just what you'd think...paradise.

Hilton Head Island has the luxury condos, golf villas and oceanfront homes, and some of the most famous golfing in the US.

South Carolina has a lot of coastal options for those looking for seconds homes and beach retreats.

Now that you know where to purchase, you need to determine when to purchase. It is common knowledge that interest rates are still at record lows. Common sense tells us that they will eventually have to go up and that will drastically increase the costs of second home ownership.  They key with owning a second home is to make sure that you can afford the ongoing expenses. Based on the decline in property values over the last 7 years and the low interest rates, there will not be another time where the expenses will be this low.

Another important part of buying real estate is the agent and the company you choose. The Harrelson Group has three offices to serve your needs. One is located in each of the markets mentioned above.

Serving North Myrtle Beach:
Century 21 Barefoot Realty
4720 Barefoot Resort Bridge Road
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
Office:  843.390.2121?
Toll Free:  877.612.1418

Serving Myrtle Beach
Century 21 The Harrelson Group
4999 Carolina Forest Blvd, Ste 18
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579
Toll Free: 888-874-2121

Serving Charleston and Hilton Head, SC
Century 21 Expert Advisors
100 Seven Oaks Lane
Summerville, SC 29485
(843) 871-1710

Monday, May 20, 2013

Realtors Can Miss the Boat

Greg Harrelson

Some words of wisdom from Greg Harrelson

Greg is now owner of C21 The Harrelson Group in Myrtle Beach, Barefoot Realty in North Myrtle Beach, and Century 21 Expert Advisors in Charleston, SC. He trains and coaches his own agents and others all over the country, and is even a frequent guest speaker for Gary Keller of Keller Williams Realty.


Things that Real Estate Agents do to Miss the Boat

I have been doing a lot of travelling and talking to real estate agents all across the country. I have spoken with agents from many of the major franchises as well as agents from independent offices. As I am speaking and connecting with agents, I have looked at their businesses and noticed four things that agents seem to neglect, which gets in the way of building the business that they dream to build.

I hope you find these tips helpful.  There is no reason for any of us to "Miss the Boat".

The 4 Things that Agents do that hurt them

1) Agents do less when the market is doing more: 

As the market gets better, we see more agents getting lazy. Maybe this is not you, yet look around. Agents will start to assume the market will do all of the work for them. Agents tend to work less efficiently as the market heats up. If anything, you should work more, because the market will reward those who do.

2) Agents believe they are the cause of their success:

Do not get offended because this is not directed at you. But, think about the arrogance that existed when the market was on fire. Realtors thought they were great when it was really the market that was creating all of the success in 2005. This is why so many agents went out of business when the market crashed. Stay humble, commit to learning and continue to treat your fellow agents with respect. 

3) Agents STOP learning:

I have always believed that when the market is good, you better get better. Why? Because more people are going to get into the business and compete with us. The newer agents are younger, smarter and faster than the average agent. If you stop learning now, someone else could take your business away in no time at all. In addition, the consumer deserves professional level services and that is done by those committed to learning the business of real estate.

4) Agents send money without monitoring results:

It is always easier to spend money when you have it. When the market gets better, we tend to see agents over-spending on marketing gimmicks or buying leads. I believe in making investments in your business, yet you should only invest in things you can monitor. If you are not going to measure the result then you should not make the investment.

The best investment any of us can make is an investment in ourselves. Surround yourself by those that are committed to better service and results, and you will find yourself providing better results and service.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Missing Posts and New Websites

I am very disappointed in Blogger these days.  I logged into my account several weeks ago to find that everything I had posted here was gone, back to June of 2012. I've tried to get help with no response, so I guess I'll just have to ignore it and go on. I don't remember any of what I've written since then, so I guess I'll just post some news and updates.

My partner expanded on our Virginia Beach Attractions website. We added a bunch of pages for homes in Surfside Beach and Pawleys Island on the C21 Harrelson Group site. I also created a new Google Plus business page for their Myrtle Beach C21 website. We also have a new Google Plus Myrtle Beach Community page!

Greg purchased the Century 21 agency in Barefoot Resort, and we completely overhauled their website for Barefoot Resort Homes. Real estate has really picked up just about everywhere and is going full tilt in Myrtle Beach, by the way. Home prices are rising, sales are rising, more people are getting sales licenses.  More customers are coming to me. I've just begun to do two new California agency sites...more on that when they're done. Things are definitely looking up for the whole industry, and it's about time!

Hopefully no more of my blogs will disappear. It makes one sick to work for nothing. :-(