Wednesday, September 10, 2014

James Island Real Estate in Charleston

James Island Waterfront

James Island is a rich blend of the urban and the rural located just a stone's throw across the Ashley River from Charleston. Part of the island resides within Charleston while the other is the incorporated town of James Island. A look back at its past shows us how James Island has embraced diversity and played a major role in the saga of American history.

The beautiful Georgian architectural majesty of McLeod Plantation is truly a feather in James Island's cap! The house boasts a rich military history. From its use by General Clinton as his headquarters while he planned the siege of Charleston during the American Revolution, to its occupation by Confederate troops during the Civil War, the plantation saw many events unfold, but also had its own unique point of view.

Once housing African Americans as slaves for production of Sea Island cotton, the plantation saw its occupation by the 54th and 55th Massachusetts Volunteer Regiments comprised exclusively of African American soldiers after the evacuation of Charleston in 1865. The Freedman's Bureau then occupied the plantation, which offered refuge for 10,000 newly freed African Americans. It is because of this aspect of its history that McLeod Plantation is designated as an African American Historic Place by the state of South Carolina.

The first shots of the Civil War were fired on James Island when shells from Fort Johnson and Fort Lamar rained down upon Union troops stationed at Fort Sumpter in Charleston Harbor just off the eastern tip of James Island. The militarily significant battles that make up "The Battle of James Island" were fought here, including Secessionville, Grimball's Landing, and Grimball's Causeway. Civil war enthusiasts will thrill to local reenactments of these battles.  

If the history alone doesn't pique your curiosity, the rich abundant shellfish and fishing areas, water sports on the Ashley and Stono rivers or Wappoo Cut and Wappoo Creek, as well as beautiful parks and recreational areas will definitely get your attention. Once you see the beautiful river, tidal creek and marshland views here, you won't miss the oceanfront.

Beaches are in easy driving distance for the die-hard beach enthusiast, but its setting away from the surf offers James Island homes a bit more seclusion for its established and new construction properties. Contact us today and let us show you the wonder of James Island!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Take a Ferry Across the Mersey to Dewees Island

Dewees Island Real Estate

Dewees Island is an environmentalist's home sweet home and a paradise for any beach lover! Its proximity to Charleston (12 miles) makes it very conveniently close to the attractions and bustle of the city, but its environmentally friendly developments make you feel as though you are as far away from the stress and noise of a big city as one can be.

Beautifully situated 2.6 miles of beachfront, dune, marsh, and maritime ecosystems make one feel as though they are stepping back in time to a coastal paradise. Traffic is never a problem, because the island has no gas powered cars! Dewees Island is accessible only by boat. The Aggie Gray ferry runs hourly and on demand from Isle of Palms. Residents use electric golf carts on roads of beautiful crushed limestone to get around this beautifully pristine island, and many maintain their own docks and boats.

The island’s developers designed an advanced recycling and composting system, with a reverse osmosis system to meet the entire island's residential water needs. Dewees is rich in native American history, Revolutionary War history, Civil War blockade runner history, and has a World War II submarine watch tower. Likely one of the original hunting islands used by the Sewee Indians, Dewees Island (then known as Timacu Island) was owned by the British until Thomas Cary aquired it in 1700. Cornelius Dewees gave the island its new name in 1701.

Largely used over the years for farming indigo, rice, artichokes, cane, swine, and cotton and for harvesting oysters and clams, the island didn’t see much modern development until the 1970s when construction began on a few vacation homes. In 1991, the Island Preservation Partnership was formed to develop the island. When building is eventually finished with only 150 homesites, 95% of the island will still be in its native state thanks to stringent construction and design guidelines that will minimize impact on the wildlife and ecosystem. An advanced recycling and composting system as well as a reverse osmosis system to allow residents to meet their needs for fresh water will ensure that the environment on Dewees Island remains protected and pristine. A beautiful array of birds, deer, diamondback terrapin, and even mink call this beautiful island home and live in harmony with its residents.

To minimize environmental stress, the maximum home size is limited to 5,000 square feet. Additionally, builders are not to disturb more than 7,500 square feet of a lot during home construction.  No worries about hiring a lawn service or cutting the grass!  Lawns are not permitted.  Homes are beautifully surrounded by, protected from the elements, and landscaped with native vegetation.  As with most coastal island communities, the houses are elevated and no matter where you choose to build, your home will have a water view of either tidal creeks, lakes, the Intracoastal Waterway or the majesty of the Atlantic Ocean.  Dewees Island Real estate ranges from fractional ownership with prices in the low $200,000s, homes around a million, to oceanfront lots at $2 million.

If living in harmony with nature in an unspoiled area is your heart's desire, Dewees Island may make your dream come true.  See the Charleston office website at (or click the link above!) for more information.
Greg Harrelson
Charleston Expert Advisors

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Parkland Florida, A Beautiful Lifestyle

Real Estate in Parkland FL

I've contributed to and researched a lot of real estate websites with community information, and I've "seen" a lot of beautiful places doing it. Florida is almost always the prettiest state with the most breathtaking homes and views, but I think I found THE most beautiful place on earth recently, called Parkland Florida.

Parkland is close to Boca Raton and in the Fort Lauderdale Metro area, inland from the actual beach and bordering the Everglades. When it was first developed, they wanted to keep the entire city like a huge park, with no stores, no signs, and little traffic. So many people decided to move there that it wasn't possible to keep a city like that. They eventually had to have the things that every city has, but they managed to keep eight parks operating in an eleven square mile area, so it's still pretty much green.

The homes are all multi-million dollar showcase homes, and to visit this town is like driving through paradise. One of the most notable things about Parkland is that horses and equestrian farms and trails are encouraged and plentiful. It's truly a horse-lovers dream. 

They've now also invested in their schools, which have been voted as some of the finest in the entire nation. They have a very grandiose YMCA, a public library that is actually used, as well as pools, golf courses, tennis courts, and about any other kind of entertainment a family could want.

Two notable neighborhoods in Parkland include Heron Bay; with over 1000 homes - which also sprawls over into Coral Springs - and BBB Ranches, where horses and equestrian ranches rule the roost.

Do yourself a favor and go to Florida and visit this dream community. It blew me away when I was researching and searching photos for it. Just an amazing city, even for Florida.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Homes for Sale in Old Village, Mount Pleasant SC

Old Village Homes in Mt Pleasant

A neighborhood that’s rich in both history and beauty, Mount Pleasant’s Old Village community is a 40-block area of moss-draped oaks and historic homes that date to the mid-1700s. Located on the National Register of Historic Places, the village was the site of numerous skirmishes and battles in the Revolutionary War.

It was from a command post at the Village’s Hibben House, built in 1755 and still standing, that British officers commanded attacks on Charleston. The Village’s place in Civil War history was cemented with an 1860 meeting on Ferry Street from which the first succession resolution in South Carolina was passed. The site of a former plantation, the Village’s first streets were named after the children and grandchildren of that plantation’s owner, James Hibben, who divided his estate into lots for those heirs in 1803.

Some of the Charleston area’s most beautiful and historic homes are found in the neighborhood, with home prices reflecting the limited supply of such historic treasures. Prices typically begin in the $500s and range to $3 million plus. There’s also a small amount of newer construction as well. Homes range from cottages to ornate homes with colonnaded porches that wrap around the house and cupolas.

Bordering Charleston Harbor on one side, the other side of Old Village backs up to scenic Shem Creek. Shem is home to top seafood restaurants and a boardwalk, both great places to watch shrimp boats and pleasure craft come and go. Downtown Charleston is just a few miles away across the Ravenel Bridge and the beaches of Sullivan’s Island are just about four miles distant.

Visit the C21 Charleston Real Estate website for more information or to search available property in the city and bordering areas.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

New Country Music Video/Song for Myrtle Beach

Dan and Shay's 19 You and Me

I'm not a country music fan at all, but I am floored by this new top of the charts country music song by Dan and Shay that was filmed in, and about Myrtle Beach. What a great promotion this is for our area, and different than the funny Welcome to Myrtle Manor tv show, as well as that new, raunchy show filmed in Murrells Inlet. I can't remember the name of it, which is probably a good thing.

Anyway, judge for yourself if this isn't just the greatest!  Dan and Shay - 19 You + Me!