Wednesday, September 10, 2014

James Island Real Estate in Charleston

James Island Waterfront

James Island is a rich blend of the urban and the rural located just a stone's throw across the Ashley River from Charleston. Part of the island resides within Charleston while the other is the incorporated town of James Island. A look back at its past shows us how James Island has embraced diversity and played a major role in the saga of American history.

The beautiful Georgian architectural majesty of McLeod Plantation is truly a feather in James Island's cap! The house boasts a rich military history. From its use by General Clinton as his headquarters while he planned the siege of Charleston during the American Revolution, to its occupation by Confederate troops during the Civil War, the plantation saw many events unfold, but also had its own unique point of view.

Once housing African Americans as slaves for production of Sea Island cotton, the plantation saw its occupation by the 54th and 55th Massachusetts Volunteer Regiments comprised exclusively of African American soldiers after the evacuation of Charleston in 1865. The Freedman's Bureau then occupied the plantation, which offered refuge for 10,000 newly freed African Americans. It is because of this aspect of its history that McLeod Plantation is designated as an African American Historic Place by the state of South Carolina.

The first shots of the Civil War were fired on James Island when shells from Fort Johnson and Fort Lamar rained down upon Union troops stationed at Fort Sumpter in Charleston Harbor just off the eastern tip of James Island. The militarily significant battles that make up "The Battle of James Island" were fought here, including Secessionville, Grimball's Landing, and Grimball's Causeway. Civil war enthusiasts will thrill to local reenactments of these battles.  

If the history alone doesn't pique your curiosity, the rich abundant shellfish and fishing areas, water sports on the Ashley and Stono rivers or Wappoo Cut and Wappoo Creek, as well as beautiful parks and recreational areas will definitely get your attention. Once you see the beautiful river, tidal creek and marshland views here, you won't miss the oceanfront.

Beaches are in easy driving distance for the die-hard beach enthusiast, but its setting away from the surf offers James Island homes a bit more seclusion for its established and new construction properties. Contact us today and let us show you the wonder of James Island!

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